Packing Bench App

See our packing bench app in action - easily scan, pack and ship items to your customers

Integrate your packing bench with any ERP

The Power People have developed a Power Apps solution that can connect your packing bench and users straight to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. This could be Dynamics 365 Business Central, developed by Microsoft, or any ERP that is currently in use in your business. This Power App gives users the ability to load into the system and begin packing shipments, including scanning into packages, printing labels and documentation, then updating the records back in your ERP system.

This is a canvas Power App, built for desktop use. This means that it can be accessed either through the Power Apps desktop application or through your usual browser. The app is simple to use, streamlined in appearance and makes it very easy for any new user to pick it up and use without much training. The Power App allows your users to see exactly what items they need to pack using images from your ERP system, as well utilising mobile scanners to determine that the items selected are correct for each order.

See our packing bench app in action

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