Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Create and train personalised, intelligent chatbots allowing you to respond rapidly to your customer and employee needs. We can help get you set up, or improve how you use these tools to benefit your business.

Power Virtual Agents

What are Microsoft Power Virtual Agents?

Power Virtual Agents allow users to create personalised chatbots, leveraging Dataverse and Power Platform’s wealth of pre-built connectors to create complex, branching conversations – without the need for programmers or data scientists, thanks to a simple, low-code development environment.

Train chatbots using the platform’s natural language and entity extraction functionality to respond to certain phrases or words with relevant content, like ‘I would like to enquire about a product.’. Chatbots can then look up and return records from Dataverse, prompt the user to provide more information, trigger a workflow in Power Automate, or hand the conversation off to a live user via Omnichannel for Customer Service.

Power Virtual Agents can be deployed to websites, apps, and Microsoft Teams, providing multiple channels to service customers and employees. Common use scenarios include handling support issues, providing store or product information to customers, or requesting employee-related information like remaining annual leave allocation.

As you can see, there are several uses for chatbots that can help your team save time and effort and communicate better. If you’d like help getting the most out of Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, speak to us today.